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Stock Fencing

A hinge joint fencing suitable for all types of stock and mainly used for sheep and cattle.
Available in a range of different grades C, L and High Tensile.
These are available in various lengths in a number of different heights from 600mm to 2000mm.
Stock fencing can also be used as a cost effective alternative to mesh and netting.

The Code Explained

eg L15-120-15 normally described as L15/120/15

The letter at the start indicates the thickness of the wire as shown below
The first number, in the example 15 shows the amount of line wires that run horizontally through the fencing.
The second number, in the example 120 shows the height of the roll in cm.
The final number, in the example 15 shows the space in cm between each vertical wire in the roll.
C = 2.5mm Diameter Wire
L = 2.0mm Diameter Wire
High Tensile Diameter = 2.5mm Diameter Wire